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Our CBD Story

We are Brian & Susan Pitts, Owners of Phoenix Natural Wellness. We are dedicated to bringing Kansas City the first CBD Super Stores offering a wide variety of products, now with four locations in Kansas and one in Missouri.
We experienced the effects of CBD first hand when our son was diagnosed with Epilepsy and we saw a reduction in seizures.

We then saw a huge impact in the behavior of our Autistic daughter after starting her on CBD. We felt compelled to make CBD more mainstream in Kansas City and remove the stigma associated with cannabis.

Our goal is to make CBD more readily available for those in need while increasing awareness and education of the potentially life-changing effects of CBD. We educate our staff so they can educate you. Knowledge is essential! We want to be able to answer all of your questions and assist you in finding the best products for your unique situation. Every staff member at Phoenix is required to complete a CBD certification program so they can effectively guide you through the complex world of CBD.

We don’t center our business model around one product or brand because CBD is not a one size fits all. We research the market to bring you the best, high quality products available. Meanwhile, we are also dedicated to the community we serve! We offer our veterans and first responders 10% off every visit, have a compassion discount for those effected with severe disease/disorders and participate in local sponsorship’s. We are dedicated to improving the health and happiness of the community in a variety of ways.